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As We Wait in Joyful Hope

"So my soul sings psalms to you unceasingly." (Ps 30)

Mary didn't fight for herself.

She didn't shout back against the crowd that called for the crucifixion of her son.

She didn't fight against the soldiers who crowned Him with thorns, who beat Him, who mocked Him, who scourged Him.

She didn't argue with those who ridiculed Him, telling Him to save Himself.

She didn't protest when a lance was thrust into His side.

She never fought for herself. She never defended herself. She didn't attempt to prove that she was in the right. She followed Him. She trusted Him. In everything, she let Him fight for her. When the world was at its darkest, when it seemed no light could come, she didn't look for Him in the tomb. She knew Him. So she waited for Him.

And He did fight for her. He fought to the death for her, for you, for me. And He triumphed over death for her, for you, for me.

When you're wrongly accused, let Him fight for you. When your body shows its brokenness, let Him bear the cross for you. When others point out your weakness, when they misunderstand you, when they mock you for trusting Him, let His Heart find rest in you.

When your heart is pierced with sorrows, fly to the heart of Mary. Honor His Sacred Body. Cherish His Precious Blood. And wait, in joyful hope, for the Son to rise.

Queen of Martyrs, Mother of the Church, teach us to find the joy of the Resurrection in this Easter of sorrows.

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