• CHM Pszonka

Love is Red

"In the world you have trouble; but take courage, I have conquered the world."


Love is red. Love burns, and quiets. Longs and comforts. Your love, Lord, pouring from your Sacred Heart, is at once all-forsaking, all-consuming, warm as blood as it falls but blue-hot as it rises to the Father on our behalf. Your love, Your very Body broke to be bread and vine, manna and all-sustaining fruit of the tree of life, is an offering that purifies every sin we lay down at the foot of the cross.

Lord, teach us sacrifice.

Love is life, flowing in blood and water from a wound pierced open in the side of the Temple not made by human hands. An instrument of death transfigured into the sign by which we remember our birth into the kingdom where you, Lord, offer us eternal life. Life unending, to which You invite us in that we may sing with Your angels and all the saints. Life that spoke the universe into being, ordered all things, and numbered each star. Life breathed into Scripture by the same Spirit that animates Your Holy Church. Your Word is spirit and life, O Lord.

Teach us to live this life.

Love is total. Love abandons all, forsakes all, for the sake of the beloved. You were abandoned by all but your mother and the beloved disciple, and still you offered yourself up for those who abandoned you, for those who tortured you. Because love asks for nothing in return. You poured yourself out for the salvation of all men in all times and all places, and when we are filled to overflowing with that inferno of love, Lord, still you keep filling, that Your love would pour through us into the whole world, that we might bring others into Your Body, that we might all become brothers and sisters united in your Precious Blood.

Lord, teach us to abandon our lives into Your hands.

Love breaks. It breaks the bonds that held our souls captive to sin and death. It breaks the barrier between heaven and earth, between earthly sacrifice and heavenly liturgy. The veil of the Temple was torn in two, and now, Lord, we may behold your Holy Face. We may receive your Sacred Heart. We may be called the very family of God Most High. Holy are you, Lord, and holy you make us, stretched between heaven and earth, reaching out to all the world. Blessed are those called to the supper of the Lamb, the heavenly wedding feast, our home where there is no more sorrow and nothing to fear, for there is no fear in love.

Teach us, Lord, to let our hearts break so that Your love may enter in and dwell forever.

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