• CHM Pszonka

Surrender Your Heart

God loves you.

Not some vague, abstract idea of you.

Not who you dream to be.

Not who you imagine you should be.

Not the "good enough" version of you.

You. As you are. In this moment. Right now.


He loves you.

Totally. Concretely. Personally.

Be honest with Him. Give Him your heart. Tell Him if you’re struggling to give a heart so wounded, so broken by the world. He knows. His own Heart was battered, crowned with thorns, pierced by a soldier’s lance, immolated upon the cross. His Heart first began beating for you. His Heart stopped for you. His Heart beats for you, for all eternity, waiting for your heart to beat to the same rhythm as His. Longing to fill your sorrowing heart with joy beyond comprehension.

He knows your pain. He knows your fear. He knows your heart. There is nothing you can hide from His merciful love. There's nothing you need to hide. There's no doubt, no shame, no fear, no failure that He hasn’t already seen. And He has longed from all eternity to have you share this pain with Him.

In this world, giving Him our pain won't always make the suffering easier, but it always makes our suffering better. Better to know we’re not alone. Better to know that the One who is with us is the one who understands us better than any of our dearest loved ones can. Better to accompany Him in His suffering, so that He might see that He is not alone.

He who would not crush a bruised reed will not break your heart. He who created the foundations of the world holds all your brokenness in His hands, and He longs to breathe life back into your shattered bones, your empty soul, your thirsting heart.

We’re not alone. We never have been alone. God is with us. He will not abandon us.

God loves you.

Give Him your heart.

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